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Cover Reveal for the No-Campfire Girls

the No-Campfire Girls The cover art is in! Not familiar with our newest project?

The No-Campfire Girls is a novella-length book set in an all-girls camp. While it features characters from Storm Chaser and Storm Chaser Shorts, it can be read on its own with no confusion. For those of you who asked to see more of Beth Hamlin - she got her own book!

Note: Kindle version is now live (but not "official")! We'll keep the book page updated as other formats roll out.

Fifteen year old Beth Hamlin is horrified to discover her beloved summer camp must go without campfires this year, due to the fire hazard from a drought. At first she and her friends try to perk up the other campers, but Beth isn't one to just sit (or swim, or boat, or horseback) around, when there's a challenge to be met.

Beth discovers her new cabinmate, Cassidy, knows a local Cherokee who claims the ability to do a rain dance. Now all they have to do is trick the Camp Director into letting Running Creek do the dance there, avoid the local bully and a flying arrow or two … and keep from getting caught plotting with the local fire captain on a forbidden cell phone. With luck southern Indiana will get a nice, soaking rain, and when it's over Camp Inipi can have proper campfires again.

But when things go horribly wrong, the whole area is endangered by a double disaster. Now Beth, Cassidy, and the rest of their unit may be the only people who can save not only their camp, but everyone in it.

When Beth's big brother told her being a teenager could be rough … he probably didn't have this in mind.