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My Funny Valentine Video




Pixabella - Red Glossy Valentine Heart. Downloaded from OpenClipart.

Nicubunu - Broken Heart. Downloaded from OpenClipart.

Storm Chaser video


E. Hunter


ECHOED - "Claire"; under Creative Commons Attribution Liscense. Used without altering.


Wikimedia Commons State Trooper Car; Firefighter; Girl Over Shoulder; Tornado in Kansas; and Corn Stalks in Benton County, Indiana. Retouched/colored/edited by E.Hunter.

Andrew Smith - Storm-clouds near Sherborne St John; under Creative Commons Share-Alike Liscence. Used without altering.

Mark R. Hunter - Courthouse, Downtown, and Funnel cloud. Funnel Cloud photo taken in rural Noble County, Indiana; other photos taken in Albion, Indiana.


Mark R. Hunter - Storm Chaser blurbs were created specifically for this trailer by the author himself with nudging and direction from E.Hunter.

Additional Notes

This trailer is under a CC Share-Alike Liscense. If you're a fan of Mark and want to remix this trailer or make a better one, feel free to take what's here and run with it. Any derivative works are more than welcome; shoot Mark an email if you create something so it can be put up or linked. But remember, Chance, Allie, and STORM CHASER still belong to Mark R. Hunter & Whiskey Creek Press - you can take them out and play with them, but they still go back in Mark's box at the end of the day.

Misc Website Images

'Open Book' image (used in buttons) by alegri at 4FreePhotos; used under CC liscense.

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